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Updated: May 29, 2018

refueling at Anchorage Airport

Flying on a cargo plane I sometimes have the opportunity to sit in the jump seat with the pilots. They are usually generous and like to share their knowledge. You can feel the propriety and responsibility they bring to their work.

When we refueled in Anchorage for the flight to Hong Kong the plane took on 28,000 gallons of fuel. (it's done by weight, but it came out to 28,000g) The pilot showed me the gas receipt. Fuel is a big deal for pilots. If they use too much they hear about it from the airline. They adjust their flight plans constantly to deal with head-winds, or to take advantage of tail-winds.

One plane, one flight - 28,000 gallons fuel.

Three weeks later I did the same cargo flight in reverse: Hong Kong to Anchorage. Same info: 28,000 gallons of gas.

This information continues to overwhelm me…

Quora says there are 150,000 flights a day in the world including private jets, small planes, and helicopters.

Greenhouse gases are the result of fossil fuel burning combined with oxygen to make Co2. The concentration of carbon dioxide traps heat at the Earth's surface, preventing that heat from escaping back out into space too quickly.

It’s not going to cool down anytime soon.

Nose of the 747 hinges up for off-loading
nose of 747 cargo plane

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