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I draw for different reasons. I draw to remember.  The function of this kind of drawing is to keep the ideas and sometimes the accompanyings thoughts and feelings.   I draw to develop a concept.   I draw to work out the details of a sculpture.   Generally I use a pencil or graphite stick because I like the materiality and basic means of working.   When I do a research-based project I’ll make drawings that are repetitive in their imagery, subject matter and process.   The drawing stroke is layered and overlapping.  The activity can be meditative.  I want the method of drawing to reinforce and invigorate what I'm thinking about.   An example is the  Blood Vessel drawings from 2021.  They are informed by the history of Mexican labor practices, including the period when African slaves were first brought into México.   This dense and obscure history is reflected in how I make the drawings.  The imagery is immediately recognizable as a vessel, but it is how they are made and presented that gives pause.


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