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The included artworks were made during and after the Creative Confluence Residency in Rishikesh, India 2019. Rishikesh is located on the Ganges River in the foothills of the Himalayas.  It is considered a holy city. The Beatles visited Rishikesh.  Spiritual seekers come here to visit the ashrams, gurus, and yoga centers.   It is common to see renunciates walking barefoot, single file, along the roadways, carrying a plastic bag of personal belongings and a blanket.  The bamboo sculpture Ganga Line is informed by seeing those men and women on their quest.   Against the backdrop of the holy setting, Rishikesh is a gritty city with intense energy and activity.  I worked with a construction team, a broom maker, and a metal worker to complete some of these works.   There is a pervasive haunting beauty here that penetrates the skin.  At the same time it is deeply unsettling to see so many people living and working, by any standard East or West, in extreme states of poverty.   I noticed exceptionally physical work completed by women laborers on nearly every construction site.  India is an enormously complicated mix that is right out in front of you.   

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