Winnowing 2016 is a five-minute video filmed in September 2015 in the Badakshan region of Tajikistan.   A man is winnowing wheat using a pitchfork and the wind to sift the grain from the stalk. Behind him, the Panj River -tributary of the Amu Darya forms the border with Afghanistan. The man’s repeated labor, projected in slow motion, emphasizes the Pamir culture’s ongoing self-sustaining life. Their living patterns have not changed much in centuries. The accompanying music by Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach adds a sense of timelessness and repetition to the scene. The video’s ethnographic style shows a far off place made closer. The idea is the opposite of globalization - a distant culture that remains intact and sustaining makes the world a bigger place instead of a smaller one.


Noah Eisenbruch contributed to the completion of Winnowing.                                     Music: Abbey Lincoln, Max Roach, Triptych: Prayer, Protest, Peace