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Updated: May 24, 2018

While waiting for the plane to refuel in Anchorage I visited with the freight security guy. We were standing about 20’ off the ground in the 747 freighter cargo hold staring into the night sky. It was about 4am, and we were just hanging out. I told him about working long ago in Ketchikan, Alaska during the summer, and how the paved road at that time was only 12 miles long. Teenage guys cruised their nice fast cars on the short road. He thought it was a good idea for teenagers to have nice cars. He lives in Anchorage but is from a small village outside of Nome, Alaska. As an airline employee he and his wife fly cheap to Nome, then take a small puddle-jumper to the village where they have a second home. He said they like to fish. When I asked him about his background - was he considered Eskimo? He said the name that they identify with is Inupiat.

The Palace At 4am

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