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A Trip To Hong Kong

Updated: May 29, 2018


-L Train to 6th Ave stop

-Path Train to Journal Sq.

-Path Train Journal Sq to Newark Central Station

-New Jersey Transit Newark Central Station to Newark Airport

-Newark Airport AirTrain to Newark Airport Terminal

-Cathay Pacific passenger flight Newark to Hong Kong


-Taxi, Hong Kong Airport to Nina Hotel, Kowloon

-Taxi, Nina Hotel to 1A Gallery

-Taxi, 1A Gallery to Kowloon waterfront

-Starr Ferry, Kowloon to Hong Kong

-Starr Ferry, Hong Kong to Kowloon

-Taxi, Kowloon waterfront to Nina Hotel


-Taxi, Nina Hotel to Helutrans Warehouse

-Truck, Helutrans Warehouse to Hong Kong Airport Freight Terminal

-Van transport to passenger terminal

-Minibus from passenger terminal to cargo plane

-Cargo flight Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska

-Van from cargo plane to passenger terminal US Customs

-Minibus from passenger terminal to Cargo plane

-Cargo flight Anchorage to LAX

-Van from tarmac to LAX Cargo warehouse


-Truck, LAX Cargo warehouse to Las Vegas warehouse

-Truck transport warehouse to La Quinta Inn

-Hotel minivan from La Quinta Inn to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Strip

-Taxi, Las Vegas Strip to Freemont Casino

-Taxi, Freemont Casino to Lindo Michoacan Mexican Restaurant

-Taxi, Lindo Michoacan Restaurant to La Quinta Inn


-Minivan, La Quinta Inn to Las Vegas Airport

-JetBlue flight, Las Vegas to JFK

-Air-train, JFK Terminal to A train

-A train, JFK station to Broadway Junction

-L train, Broadway Junction to 1st Ave

Newark Central Station

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